Aug 29, 2012

OK! Here We ARE!

Hello everyone! Let me tell you about what happen here. This is official blog of new mod for game called rFactor. Me (J-specN1 from illtunesMassive) and Amagi (the guy who updated crappy project-D mod to its normal state 2.3 version.) started to make our own mod. The mod is about japanese cars and japanese styles of tuning, including drift, vip, oldschool and so on. For now we have only one car, with a lot of tuning parts and wheels for it. More cars coming soon.
Lets consider first car we made, its Toyota AE86. For now ready only Sprinter Trueno, Corolla Levin is W.I.P. There are a huge variety of wheels and aero parts, engines and gearboxes. Check out the pictures.

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  1. Awesome new starting. ♥

    Your doing it right, go forward guys :)

    Greetz !