Sep 23, 2012

LEVIN AE86! and Some NEWS.

Hello everyone! At first some information, as somebody already noticed that there now a sample list of planned cars on the right side of the page. Cars in bold are planned for version 1.0 but can be changed its about half of list, maybe less. Other cars will be added by next updates, now you can see 106 cars in list. I think its much enough moreover 90% cars are japanese with a lot of parts, can you imagine it, hah? Untill we finish all, i can't (lol).
Next, new car - Toyota Corolla Levin AE86. All the same as Trueno which was shown earlier, so i will not talk much about it, just look at the pictures:


  1. You could include the body kit gp sports g sonic zero one for the Nissan Silvia s14 kouki, is a body kit that I love and did not see it in any mod for rfactor with spoiler kouki silvia s14 k's. I hope it is a good idea to become a reality.

    1. There will be much bodykits for each popular cars like silvia and so on, gp sports is also in plan.
      We already got big update but i cant show on blog because our converter is somewhere i dont know lol.

  2. Just fabulous job for that car, i love the ae86 also i converted the trueno to my mod but the levin is other history, only gt series have this car.

    A very good mod come on to rFactor, thank for your.