Sep 15, 2012

One simple question to everybody.

Good day.

You all know that this mod will be made in best possible quality for this old amazing game. I put my best 3d models in it and not only mine, i and all who work on this mod waste our time to make perfect mod. I will be honest, i dont want see any models from our mod stolen by any shitty converter from gta or any other game, 95% ofcourse from GTA, kids who cant make anything themselves. Now a question, to make this mod for freeshare i want to lock files with models, but i dont know any ways to do it, so if somebody know any effectively way to lock files with 3d models contact me throw the skype - HKS_Drifter. About thing that somebody can say that we take cars from games like forza, and edit it, its also stealing and so on... I say you that people who make games, earn a lot of money for their projects, and fact that somebody steal their 3d models dont fuck them. I dont earn money for things i do, and this is a point.

Thank you for reading this, look forward to hear any good ideas about my question.

1 comment:

  1. hey Herman you can lock gmt files via zmodeler then after you finish a car send isi your mas file and they will lock it and send it back