Sep 13, 2012

Simply Mazda... Simply RX7!

Hi everyone, today i post next car presentation. Mazda RX-7 FC3S, a second car in our mod, it has much tuning parts, including some front lips, BN sports bodykit, wide fenders, some rear spoilers and so on. I show some photos, it shows not much just a general view. In plans for fc, will be RE Amemiya bodykit, D-Max bonnet, some Fujita Engineering stuff, roof spoiler, a lot of wheels as any car will have and anything else we will want in process of building mod. And also great rotary sound witch will be made i dont know when (lol). Now in our mod is about 5-6 cars, but i will show them a bit later, when it will look as amazing as first two or much better.


  1. thank you, will wait very long because much work and big plans

  2. Any chance you'll have GP Sports kits along with the NA hood as an option? Just curious as I'd like to replicate my actual car within the mod. Thanks!

  3. not sure, but everything can happen, so maybe you will have a chance to replicate your car. ;)
    thanks for comment!