Oct 16, 2012

Difficult time... and S30Z!

Good day. I'd like to start from our problems with mod, if somebody dont read chat then its your chance to get some information lol. Main problem is "Where Amagi?", very strange. Till Amagi come, there cant be ingame updates. Its great that we have ADUBZ who is also work on mod, maybe on this week will be shown GT86. Dont worry, this great carlist which is a bit grown up since last post will be done in some time. Might look like it cant be finished in nearest 5 years lol but its not true. We got all those cars from list in stock condition, just need make customization for most and convert everything.. set physics.. make sounds.. ah ok it might take time but not that much, anyway first version will include only 50 cars(any from list). Also in carlist will be marked cars that already ingame.
Next, S30Z. Its converted maybe like a month ago, but havent shown. Only in stock yet, with a set of oldschool wheels. Just take a look. Thats all for today.


  1. I would like to see the a31 in the first released cars if anyway possible? :)

  2. You should keep it 100 & post some photos of the cars on "your mamas old DELL" that most of the players will be using. Meaning show some shots in DX7 like most scrubs use. Or DX8 or even DX9 at lowest settings. You guys know not all people are going to see what you have shown us above. Thats max everything Im sure. Even in videos of rfactor you see its weird-0's with laptops and multi monitors and steering wheels. not many of us have high HP PC's. Im just curious to see what the photos that WE will be seeing of the game posted in our forums will look like. :P

    1. I will not post pictures with crap graphics just to show how it will look. Everybody know how it will be, as in all games it will be the same as high graphics but much worser. Amagi plays on low settings, it looks ok for him because he cant afford higher graphics due to old pc. As i said, there will be same result as if you set graphics to low in any other game.