Jan 6, 2013

Best hatchback in the world.

Im sorry for not updating blog, busy days, no time and so on. This week will be some updates, the first one you see now, its Nissan RPS13, all generations of 180SX (JP) except of Sileighty that will be later. Also thinking about to add euro and us versions due to disscussions about steering side. So look at the pictures, and btw still havent made stock wheels so there aftermarket wheels on pics now, still same, i havent added any wheels more yet.

1st gen. : RS13 ZENKI

2nd gen. : RPS13 CHUKI

3rd gen. : RPS13 KOUKI

3rd gen. : RPS13 KOUKI TYPE-X Version

There are not only stock versions ofcourse, dont forget about upcoming aftermarket bodykits, fenders and so on, its like building a dream but in virtual haha, i think you got me. Ok next update coming very soon.


  1. It feels so nice to find somebody with some original thoughts Experiential marketing staffing

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  3. A fantastic job, i only saw this cars on gran turismos.

  4. The good thing about Japanese used cars is that it cheap and reliable although it doesn’t have a fast performance. And I think it’s a best option for those who doesn’t want too much speed.