Mar 31, 2013

Sex Drugs and Rocket Bunny!

Hi there. I still can't say realese date because of some unsolved issues. Today i'll show you Scion FR-S lastly added. Also there BRZ and GT86 in mod, both of them available in RHD and LHD versions. I've shown earlier (3-4 months ago) an 86 but it was crap so i had to convert and make a new one. So here it is, in the most sexiest body kit - Rocket Bunny. Pictures of interior upgrades will be shown a bit later.


  1. Please make a Max Orido V8 version of this please oh please. :D can't wait for this mod.

    1. Max Orido Varis 86 is work in progress now.

  2. Hello, I am eager to this mod, when we have news.

  3. there a way can try this one out?

  4. is it done? is it released somewhere? i really want this ive been looking everywhere please. all good mods are abandoned with no download link :(