Mar 16, 2013

Things getting serious...

Whats up guys, havent posted here for like 2 months lol. Its still not a realese, juse some sweet shots and some information. For those who still check only blog to find some info, i suggest you again to join our group on facebook (its on the right side of the blog page), there you can ask any questions and discuss different things about mod. About realese, yea i promised it in this month and in previous but for some reasons like missing some important for project people and etc, realese date moved again for near future. We now have hard work on physics and sounds, everything gonna be super awesome, physics is already very realistic on some cars, just wait a little more and you will get complete beta with huge place to build and enjoy cars. Finnaly check out pictures, they are showing a bit of what gonna be.

Forget your forza and gran turismo or whatever you play, they are all suck.