May 19, 2013

ISM Upgrades Menu and Last Info.

Good day everyone! Today we will talk about upgrades and different mod features. You remember that moment when we stopped developing this mod, there were a couple of serious reasons for that, one of them is upgrades limit. The actual limit of 32 upgrade types that works in online mod, that was very dissappointing because our mod based on tuning. So we decided to change conception a bit, there will be a few versions of same car for different types of tuning, like one for street, one for proffecional comps like fully raw without interior panels and etc. Those versions are visual so you will have lots of outside and inside upgrades and only 1-2 physics upgrades. And one version is physics type, 3-5 visual upgrades and other all physics upgrades like engine swap, transmission, forced induction, oil cooler, pistons and rotors, clutch, differential, suspension, alignment components and etc. Visual type doesnt mean that it has bad physics, it is as good as physics type just not that hardcore lol.
Now ill show a few pictures and explain what can be changed/upgraded in visual types:


Here you can change almost every part, on cars like this, actually - Front Bumper, Rear Bumper, Sideskirts, Front Fenders, Rear Fenders,  Bonnet, Trunk, Mirrors, Spoiler/Wing, Roof Wing, Front/Rear Rims, Brakes and Calipers... things like that, not sure about license plates because they take much place in upgrades list but ill try to do something with it.

INSIDE: There a huge place to be individual as well, ofcourse not every car has such variety, but still - Steering Wheel, Seats, Gear Knob, Handbrake, Main Gauges and Additional Gauges, Central Multimedia, Interior panels fabric, Floor Mats, Different Accessories, Rollcage.
On my 180sx that you see on pictures installed these things :
Nardi Classic Steering wheel, Bride Zeta 3 Sport seats, Bubble Gear Knob, D-Max Turn Knob for handbrake, D-Max Checker Style floor mats, Street type rollcage, other stuff is stock yet.
So i told almost everything, now you can only wait, i know that there very much time passed sometimes not everything goes as we want, we gonna realese first 5 cars in june, i have exams in that month, so if realese will not happen dont blame me for that.

And finnaly, wanna show you new added car, love it so much as im fan of vip style, i made it this way:


(*Thanks to marisaonevia for the English-Japanese translation help!*)


  1. Nice to meet you.
    I am a Japanese.
    I knew this MOD to see blog of Amagi Industries.
    I was slightly disappointed to see an article that it is played a game different in this MOD, but I hear it when I develop it again in rfactor and am glad.
    Unfortunately it is possible only to support you, but I am a pleasure and wait for completion because there is no knowledge.
    Benz has very good parenthesis.
    Because I love simple styles, I expect a simple vehicle.
    If translation is funny, I'm sorry.

    1. Nice to meet you too!
      Amagi's blog is not updated because Amagi had disappeared... So, I update this blog on 2 languages.
      Thank you for your patience and support!
      Translation is good and understandlbe. Don't worry about it ^_-).

  2. たーぼだけじゃなくNAもついかしてほしいです すーぷらSZとかです

    1. ターボとNAの間の選択があります 各エンジンのために

  3. くるまはすべてみぎはんどるですか?

    1. すべてではないが それらのほとんど

  4. いつごろはいふされますか?

  5. where can i download any of this blog cars