Feb 6, 2014


Hi. This is my design for JZX100. I got my inspiration from -AUTO WORKS- SELECTION JZX100,  A-BO-MOON HR32 and some other great projects. After a few days making and remaking all the parts to make it look like a complete project, its finnaly look the way i like. Well, a bit later i will add some stickers and maybe a complete painjob but firstly got to design it too. For now, you can check the bodywork. Hope you like it, or you can dislike, whatever, i dont really care, i am boss here.


  1. Do you guys have any idea when these cars OR the entire mod will be released for public? THIS LOOKS SOOOOOOOOOOO AWESOME. You guys are the best ones in my opinion (for what i see) XD

  2. will there be a donwload for this car i really want it love how it has a sclass mercedes front end

  3. Great work, I just attracted by it, Although I do not play this game, but I think this is a wonderful conversion! ! ! Amazing imagination, Looks like it is soo cool, I'm a JZX100 fan, this is what I want to say.